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Saturday October 22nd 2016

* - Llandysul have requested their annual postponement


League Cup

2nd Round


Aberaeron Res P v P NCE - Aberaeron unable to raise a side. NCE proceed to next round

Pencader 1 v 2 Cardigan

Ffostrasol 1 v 0 Dewi Stars


South Cards Cup

1st Round


Llanboidy 4 v 1 Aberporth


Div One


Bargod 1 v 4 Crannog

Cilgerran 3 v 2 Felinfach

New Quay 0 v 8 Lampeter


Div Two


Maesglas 15 v 0 SDUC


Res Cup


Crannog Res 4 v 1 Cardigan Res

Felinfach Res 2 v 2 Ffostrasol Res

Lampeter Res 7 v 2 Llanboidy Res

NCE Res 2 v 0 Bargod Res



Saturday October 15th 2016


Cwpan Coffa Dai Dynamo Davies

1st Round


Llanilar 1 v 0 UWA Res

SDUC 0 v 7 Aberaeron Res


League Cup

1st Round


New Quay 0 v 8 Lampeter

Aberporth 0 v 2 St Dogmaels


Div One


Cilgerran 3 v 1 Bargod

Dewi Stars 2 v 7 Crannog

Llandysul 7 v 1 Felinfach

NCE 5 v 0 Cardigan


Div Two


Ffostrasol 2 v 0 Llanboidy
Pencader 2 v 0 Maesglas


Res Cup


Cardigan Res 0 v 2 NCE Res

Crannog Res 2 v 1 Ffostrasol Res

Llanboidy Res 0 v 6 Llandysul Res



Friday October 14th 2016


Lampeter Res 7 v 1 Felinfach Res



Saturday October 8th 2016


J. Emrys Morgan Cup

1st Round


Lampeter P v P Meifod - Meifod have conceded the game


League Cup

2nd Round


Bargod 0 v 7 Llandysul

Crannog 2 v 0 Maesglas

Felinfach 0 v 0 Cilgerran after 90 mins and ET. Felinfach win 3-1 on penalties


Div One


Aberaeron Res 0 v 3 St Dogmaels

Cardigan 3 v 0 New Quay

NCE 2 v 0 Dewi Stars


Div Two


Pencader 2 v 2 Llanboidy

SDUC 0 v 4 Aberporth


Res Cup


Llanboidy Res 1 v 2 NCE Res

Llandysul Res 1 v 1 Bargod Res



Saturday October 1st 2016


Cwpan Coffa Dai Dynamo Davies

1st Round


Borth Res P v P NCE
Dolgellau Res P v P Cardigan


Div One


Bargod 1 v 1 New Quay

Felinfach 0 v 8 Crannog

Llandysul 7 v 0 Cilgerran

St Dogmaels 5 v 3 Dewi Stars


Div Two


Ffostrasol 5 v 1 Pencader

Maesglas 6 v 2 Aberporth

SDUC 0 v 14 Llanboidy


Res Cup


Cardigan Res 6 v 2 Llandysul Res

Crannog Res 8 v 0 Felinfach Res

NCE Res 3 v 5 Ffostrasol Res

Llanboidy Res 1 v 2 Bargod Res



Friday September 30th 2016


Div One


Lampeter 3 v 1 Aberaeron Res



Saturday September 24th 2016


Cwpan Coffa Dai Dynamo Davies

1st Round


Aberporth 5 v 2 Machynlleth Res

Bont 5 v 0 Maesglas

Bow Street Res 2 v 3 Pencader

Cilgerran 6 v 3 Dewi Stars

Crannog 13 v 1 Llanon

Ffostrasol 4 v 4 Padarn Utd - aet - Padarn win 5-4 on penalties

Penrhyncoch Res 1 v 6 Lampeter

St Dogmaels 3 v 2 Bargod

Talybont 2 v 1 Llanboidy

Tregaron 0 v 4 Llandysul


see the following link for 2nd round draw


Div One


Aberaeron Res 0 v 1 Cardigan
Felinfach 1 v 1 New Quay


Res Cup


Bargod Res 1 v 0 Crannog Res

Cardigan Res 1 v 1 Ffostrasol Res

Lampeter Res 1 v 2 Llandysul Res

Llanboidy Res 7 v 1 Felinfach Res



Saturday September 17th 2016


Div One


Bargod 1 v 1 Cardigan

Crannog 0 v 5 Lampeter

Dewi Stars 4 v 0 Aberaeron Res

New Quay 0 v 5 NCE

St Dogmaels 0 v 5 Llandysul


Div Two


Aberporth 1 v 5 Ffostrasol

Llanboidy 2 v 3 Maesglas


Res Cup


Cardigan Res 4 v 3 Bargod Res

Ffostrasol Res 0 v 2 Llanboidy Res

Lampeter Res 3 v 2 Crannog Res

Llandysul Res A v A NCE Res - match abandoned at 3-2. Further details to follow.



J. Emrys Morgan Cup draw:-


Round 1 (To Be Played On Saturday 8 October)


Lampeter v Meifod - KO: 2 PM


Round 2 ( To Be Played On Saturday 5th November where possible) KO: 1.45 PM

Please Note: Games changed from original conference date of 12th November as Wales are playing at home that day.


Abermule v Guilsfield
Llanymynech v Kerry
Llanilar v Newcastle Emlyn
Newtown Rangers v Brecon Northcote
Llanon v Newtown Rovers
Penybont v Morda
Tregaron v Trefonen
Builth Wells v Pencader
Newcastle v Aberystwyth University
Cilgerran Rovers v SDUC
Knighton Town v Talybont
Trewern v Waterloo Rovers
Penrhyncoch v Llanboidy (To Be Played On Saturday 19th November)
Llanfechain v Llangedwyn
St Harmon v Talgarth
Rhayader v Bont
Maesyrhandir v Borth
Crannog v Bargod Rangers
Berriew v Lampeter/Meifod
Llanrhaeadr v Hay St Mary's
Presteigne v Maesglas
Llandrindod Wells v Llanfyllin
New Quay v St Dogmaels
Aberaeron v Machynlleth
Caersws v Padarn (To Be Played On Saturday 19th November)
Ffostrasol v Aberdyfi
Llanidloes v Aberporth
Felinfach v Bow Street


Byes To Round 3 - Dewi Stars, Cardigan, Llanfair Utd, Llandysul



Saturday September 10th 2016


Div One


Cilgerran 6 v 1 Aberaeron Res

Crannog 2 v 4 Llandysul

Dewi Stars 4 v 1 St Dogmaels

Felinfach 1 v 2 NCE

Lampeter 9 v 2 Bargod

New Quay 1 v 6 Cardigan


Div Two


Aberporth 1 v 7 Pencader

Llanboidy 2 v 2 Ffostrasol


Res Cup


Cardigan Res 0 v 1 Llanboidy Res

Ffostrasol Res 1 v 3 Lampeter Res

Llandysul Res 9 v 1 Crannog Res

NCE Res 14 v 1 Felinfach Res





The following draws took place at the league meeting on 6th September 2016


League Cup

1st Round


New Quay v Lampeter

Aberporth v St Dogmaels


2nd Round


Aberaeron Res v NCE

Bargod v Llandysul

Pencader v Cardigan

New Quay/Lampeter v Llanboidy

Crannog v Maesglas

Ffostrasol v Dewi Stars

Felinfach v Cilgerran

Aberporth/St Dogmaels v SDUC


South Cards Cup

1st Round


Lampeter Res v Llandysul Res

Maesglas v SDUC

Pencader v Crannog Res

Ffostrasol v Bargod Res

Llanboidy v Aberporth



Saturday September 3rd 2016


Div One


Aberaeron Res 0 v 6 Llandysul
Bargod 1 v 3 Felinfach
Cardigan 4 v 1 Dewi Stars
Crannog 1 v 1 NCE
Lampeter 9 v 3 St Dogmaels
New Quay 1 v 1 Cilgerran


Div Two


Maesglas 3 v 4 Ffostrasol
Pencader P v P Llanboidy


Res Cup


Felinfach Res 0 v 11 Llandysul Res

Ffostrasol Res 2 v 4 Bargod Res

Llanboidy Res 1 v 3 Lampeter Res

NCE Res 3 v 3 Crannog Res



Wednesday August 31st 2016


Div Two


Aberporth 1 v 2 Maesglas

Pencader 2 v 2 Ffostrasol



Tuesday August 30th 2016


Div One


Bargod 1 v 4 Llandysul
Cardigan 6 v 0 Crannog
Dewi Stars 0 v 1 Felinfach
Lampeter 3 v 2 NCE
St Dogmaels 4 v 1 Cilgerran



Wednesday August 24th 2016


Div Two


Maesglas 3 v 0 Llanboidy

Ffostrasol 3 v 0 Aberporth



Tuesday August 23rd 2016


Div One


Cardigan 1 v 3 Cilgerran

Crannog 3 v 2 Bargod

Felinfach 0 v 1 Aberaeron Res

Llandysul 4 v 1 Lampeter

NCE 4 v 3 St Dogmaels





During the competition's AGM, the draw for the 1st round of the Cwpan Coffa Dai Dynamo Davies was made. The draw is as follows. Where possible, these ties will be played on the 24th September


1st Round


St Dogmaels v Bargod

Llanilar v UWA Res

Bont v Maesglas

Talybont v Llanboidy

SDUC v Abereron Res

Cilgerran v Dewi Stars

Borth Res v NCE

Crannog v Llanon

Ffostrasol v Padarn Utd

Bow Street Res v Pencader

Dolgellau Res v Cardigan

Tregaron v Llandysul

Penrhyncoch Res v Lampeter

Aberporth v Machynlleth Res


Byes to 2nd round - Felinfach, Aberdovey


League AGM


During the league meeting on 26th July, the proposals for the structure of the forthcoming league season were discussed and option 1 was voted for. Therefore the structure of the three divisions for the forthcoming season will be as shown below.


Division 1 will start on 23rd August with Division 2 starting on 24th August. There will be a further round of midweek games on 30th August for Division 1 and 31st August for Division 2 with a full fixture list including the Reserves Cup on 3rd September.


Division 1
St Dogmaels
Aberaeron Reserves
Dewi Stars

Division 2
(Clubs to play each other 4 times)


Reserves Cup
St Domaels


The following proposals for the league structure have been put forward. A decision will be made during the special league meeting on 26th July at Ffostrasol at 7.30 PM. The options are as follows:-


Proposals for league structure 2016-17











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As with last season, we are going to attempt to keep track of goalscorers for all competitions. Please could club secretaries or managers make a note of all goalscorers on team sheets so we can keep track? Information on goalscorers will appear on the tables pages for league goals and on the results pages for cup goals.

The goalscorer information for each club will be broken down by competition and will be shown on the registered players pages for each club. Information on appearances will also be shown on the registered players pages as and when the information is received from team sheets.

Good luck to all teams for the forthcoming season.

For scores from earlier in the season, please see the results sections or the archived news section which can be accessed from the link on the right hand side of this page.




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