Results - J. Emrys Morgan Cup - 2009-2010 season

Wednesday 17th March 2010

Semi Final

Crannog 0 v 6 Montgomery

Tuesday 9th March 2010

Semi Final

Bishops Castle 0 v 3 Llandrindod Wells - played at Newtown

Saturday 20th February 2010

5th Round

Aberaeron 1 v 2 Montgomery

Bishops Castle 3 v 3 Rhyader Res (aet) Bishops Castle win 5-4 on penalties

Semi Final Draw

Crannog v Montgomery
Llandrindod Wells v Bishops Castle

Saturday 6th February 2010

4th Round

Bettws 0 v 3 Aberaeron

5th Round

Crannog 3 v 2 Talgarth Rovers after extra time - 2-2 after 90 mins
Lampeter 3 v 5 Llandrindod Wells

Quarter Final Draw

Crannog v Talgarth
Lampeter v Llandrindod Wells
Bettws/Aberaeron v Montgomery
Bishop's Castle v Penybont/Rhayader Res/Kerry

3rd Round

Aberaeron 1 v 0 Builth Wendesdays
Penybont Athletic 2 v 5 Bettws
Rhayader Res v Penybont Utd

4th Round

Crannog 4 v 0 Maesglas - match report
Lampeter 3 v 1 Cardigan
Llandrindod Wells 2 v 0 Llanidloes
Montgomery 6 v 0 Presteigne S A
Penrhyncoch Res 2 v 3 Bishop Castle Town
Talgarth Rovers 3 v 2 Felinfach - match report

Saturday 2nd January 2010

3rd Round

Aberaeron P v P Builth Wednesdays
Bettws P v P Penybont Athletic
Penybont Utd P v P Rhayader Res

4th Round

Crannog P v P Maesglas
Lampeter P v P Cardigan
Llandrindod Wells P v P Llanidloes Town
Montgomery P v P Presteigne St Andrews
Talgarth Rovers P v P Felinfach

Saturday 12th December 2009

2nd Round

Berriew 1 v 6 Aberaeron

3rd Round

Bettws v Penybont Athletic
Cardigan 4 v 1 Dewi Stars
Felinfach 2 v 1 Tywyn-Bryncrug - match report
Hay St Marys 0 v 5 Maesglas - match report
Lampeter 4 v 0 Tregaron Turfs
Llanidloes 3 v 0 New Quay
Llanwyddyn 1 v 2 Penrhyncoch
Penybont v Llansantffraid

Saturday 5th December 2009

3rd Round

Cardigan OFF Dewi Stars
Crannog 2 v 1 Llandrindod Colts
Felinfach OFF Tywyn/Bryncrug Res
Lampeter OFF Tregaron Turfs

Saturday 28th November 2009

2nd Round

Penparcau Res 2 v 7 Bow Street Res

Saturday 21st November 2009

2nd Round

Newbridge Res v Llandrindod Colts
Penybont Utd v Llansantffraid Village

Saturday 14th November 2009

2nd Round

Penybont Athletic OFF Radnor Valley

Saturday 7th November 2009

2nd Round

Aberporth 0 v 3 Cardigan
Bettws 4 v 2 St Dogmaels (aet)
Bishop Castle Town 2 v 2 Llanilar (3-2 on penalties)
Bont 1 v 2 Dewi Stars
Crannog 5 v 1 Llandysul
Felinfach 4 v 3 Carno - match report
Ffostrasol 0 v 7 Montgomery
Kerry 4 v 3 F C Phoenix
Knighton Town 2 v 3 Presteigne S A
Lampeter 3 v 0 Talybont
Llanboidy 2 v 5 Abermule
Llanfair Utd 10 v 0 Llanon
Llanfechain 3 v 1 Newcastle
Llangedwyn 5 v 2 Waterloo Rovers
Llanrhystud 5 v 4 Trewern Utd
Machynlleth 2 v 3 New Quay (aet)
Maesglas 4 v 1 Trawsgoed - match report
Newbridge Res OFF Llandrindod Colts
Padarn Utd 2 v 1 Builth Wednesdays
Penparcau Res OFF Bow Street Res
Penybont Utd OFF Llansantffraid Village
Rhayader Res 5 v 3 St Harmon
SDUC Lampeter 1 v 4 Corris Utd
Talgarth Rovers Meifod
Tregaron Turfs 5 v 1 Rhosgoch Rangers
Tywyn-Bryncrug Res 8 v 0 Dyffryn Banw Res

Saturday 17th October 2009

1st Round

Penparcau Res 3 v 0 Llanybydder

Saturday 10th October 2009

1st Round

Llandrindod Colts 3 v 2 Bargod Rangers

Saturday 3rd October 2009

1st Round

Aber Uni Res 0 v 1 Tywyn/Bryncrug Res
Churchstoke 0 v 2 Trewern Utd
Defaid Du 0 v 2 Dewi Stars
Kerry 2 v 1 Four Crosses
Llanrhystud 3 v 1 Aberdyfi
Maesglas 6 v 2 Pencader Utd - match report
Montgomery 4 v 5 Builth Wells
Newcastle Emlyn 1 v 2 Llansantffraid
New Quay 7 v 1 Borth Utd
Sennybridge 1 v 2 Meifod
St Dogmaels 3 v 2 Talgarth Town
Llanandras 2 v 8 Corris Utd
Saron 0 v 4 Lampeter Town
Trefonen 1 v 4 Tregaron Turfs

Third Round Draw

Abermule v Llandrindod Wells
Berriew Res or Aberaeron v Padarn Utd
Bettws v Penybont Ath or Randor Valley
Cardigan v Dewi Stars
Corris Utd v Presteigne St Andrews
Crannog v Newbridge Res or Llandrindod Colts
Felinfach v Tywyn/Bryncrug Res
Hay St Marys Res v Maesglas
Kerry Res v Llanfair Utd
Lampeter Town v Tregaron Turfs
Llanfechain v Bishop Castle Town
Llangedwyn v Penrhyncoch Res
Llanidloes Town v New Quay
Llanrhystud v Montgomery
Penybont Utd or Llansantffraid v Rhayader Res
Talgarth Rovers v Penparcau Res or Bow Street Res

Second Round Draw - ties to be played on 7th November

Saturday 7th November

Aberporth v Cardigan
Berriew v Aberaeron
Bettws v St Dogmaels
Bishop Castle Town v Llanilar
Bont v Dewi Stars
Crannog v Llandysul
Felinfach v Carno
Ffostrasol v Builth Wells
Kerry v F C Phoenix
Knighton Town v Presteigne S A
Lampeter v Talybont
Llanboidy v Abermule
Llanfair Utd v Llanon
Llanfechain v Newcastle
Llangedwyn v Waterloo Rovers
Llanrhystud v Trewern Utd
Machynlleth v New Quay
Maesglas v Trawsgoed
Newbridge Res v Llandrindod Colts
Padarn Utd v Builth Wednesdays
Penparcau Res v Bow Street Res
Penybont Utd v Llansantffraid Village
Penybont Athletic v Randor Valley
Rhayader Res v St Harmon
SDUC Lampeter v Corris Utd
Talgarth Rovers v Meifod
Tregaron Turfs v Rhosgoch Rangers
Tywyn-Bryncrug Res v Dyffryn Banw Res

* Semi finalists from last year to join draw in 3rd round *

Round 1 Draw - ties to be played Saturday 3rd October

Aber Uni Res v Tywyn-Bryncrug Res
Churchstoke v Trewern Utd
Defaid Du v Dewi Stars
Kerry v Four Crosses
Llandrindod Colts v Bargod Rangers
Llanrhystud v Aberdyfi
Maesglas v Pencader Utd
Montgomery v Builth Wells
Newcastle Emlyn v Llansantffraid
New Quay v Borth Utd
Penparcau Res v Llanybydder
Sennybridge v Meifod
St Dogmaels v Talgarth Town
Llanandras v Corris Utd
Saron v Lampeter Town
Trefonen v Tregaron Turfs




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