News - AGM Agenda 2007

Agenda of the Annual General Meeting to be held at the RAE Sports Club, Parcllyn, Aberporth on Tuesday July 3rd 2007 @ 7.45 P.M.


1) Roll Call

2) Apologies

3) Minutes of previous AGM

4) Matters Arising

5) Reports:
a) Chairman
b) Treasurer
c) Secretary

6) Election of Officers
a) Patron
b) President
c) Vice Presidents
d) Life Members
e) Chairman
f) Vice Chairman
g) Treasurer
h) Fixture and Referees Appointments Secretary
i) General Secretary
j) Representatives on the CWFA

7) Officer’s Expenses

8) Application for Membership

9) To consider the following Notices of Motion:


Rule 3 The League Council
g) add to ‘No League meeting to be arranged if there are League fixtures arranged for the same date’.


Rule 11 Eligibility of Players
d) in first sentence delete the words ‘except for the Youth Cup’


Rule 15 Substitutes
a) add the following ‘Clubs may however nominate up to five players’.


Rule 18 Responsibilities of Clubs
e) delete ‘home’ and substitute with ‘away’


Challenge Cup

Rule 10
delete the words ‘under sixteen’


Youth Cup
Rule 2 delete ‘First of August’ and substitute with ‘1st September’

Rule 4 delete the Rule and replace with ‘The League Council shall annually decide the format of the Youth Cup’.


Reserves Cup

Rule 3 delete Rule and replace with ‘The winner of the group stage shall be deemed to be the winners of the Reserves Cup and shall be eligible for promotion to the Second Division.


The second placed team at the end of the group stage shall also be eligible for promotion to the Second division’.


10) To present the Sportsmanship Awards

11) To consider the composition of the League for the coming season

12) To consider a starting date for the season

14) To consider a venue for Council meetings

15) To consider a date for the first Council meeting.



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